WELCOME TO SEEGSAT SOLAR WORLD

We sell quality and the most reliable products higher than the standard ones you see in the market. Our solar products are specially design to suit your test. Our pv modules/solar panels are built with the following qualities;

  • More Power per Square Meter
  • Higher output after 25 years
  • Great looking panels
  • Award winning panels
  • Extreme Wind Load Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance Certification
  • Improved High Temperature Performance.

Our charge controllers are of higher qualities and verity. Some are MPPT while some are PWM. The both verity are of standard quality but the MPPT ones are of higher quality than the PWM. The same property goes on for all our other products, such as SeegSat solar streetlights, Inverters, Batteries, Bulbs, etc.


There are many ways to take advantage of solar energy to power your homes and workplaces. SeegSat, solar energy company, is trusted in renewable energy products, offers the highest quality products and devices to integrate into your renewable energy system projects that will provide the clean, efficient and cost-effective energy for your home or business.

Inverter is a critical component of any PV system that converts direct current (DC) power output of solar arrays or into a clean alternating current (AC) for AC appliances. Inverters are of two types: PURE SINE WAVE and MODIFIED SINE WAVE type inverter. The pure sine wave is usually better than modified sine wave. Visit our store to see all  our Inverters

Solar Charge Controller regulates the voltage and current coming from the PV modules to the battery. Charge controllers are majorly of two types namely; MPPT and PWM Charge controllers. MPPT Charge controllers are usually better than PWM Charge controllers. They convert the excess voltage to current thereby charging your battery bank faster. They MPPT charge controllers are also expensive than PWM. Visit our store to see all our Charge Controllers.

PV Module/Solar panels is the essential component of any PV system that converts sunlight directly into direct current (DC) electricity. Solar panels is of two types, the monocrystalline and polycrystalline. the Monocrystalline is better, it has higher efficiency, energy per square meter, more durable and other factors. Visit our store to see all our PV Modules/Solar Panels


Batteries is a critical and of the most important component of PV system. It stored the energy generated making it possible to use the energy at night. Batteries use for solar is usually deep cycle. Meaning up to 80% of current stored in them can be use. These batteries are rated in Ampere Hour (AH) and volts (V). Visit our store to see all our Deepcycle Batteries

We sell only Integrated Solar Street Light and Conventional Solar Street Light. Our solar street lights are of modern technology and of standard with guarantee. Visit our store to see all our Solar Streetlights.

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