reasons for underdevelopment in africa

reasons for underdevelopment in africa

Energy is crucial to development of every nation. No country progress without constant electricity. Africa is not an exception and this account for reasons for underdevelopment in africa.

Other reasons for underdevelopment in Africa

It’s true that most of our government are corrupt but corruption is everywhere. Today the world is experiencing global warming, climatic change and other environmental related issues. All these are product of our innovation and decisions. The planet earth is our greatest legacy and of such it’s our duty to protect it. Men invent machines, power it with energy whose source are disastrous to the environment. No one care about the future of our only planet, the aquatic beings, the micro-organisms and other lower beings who our actions affects directly or indirectly. Many species have gone extinction and more are still to go. The action we take today affects our environs so let stand for rebuilding our ecosystem. Let go for renewable energy sources. Let go for solar. Been aware of all these damages SeegSat here, not only for profit purpose but to serve humanity, to enlighten those who are ignorant about the recent developments in solar engineering and to serve you to the best of our ability. Together we can make this work together we can change our environment for good.

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