Monochrystalline solar panel

Monochrystalline panel

monochrystalline solar panel are panels made with Monocrystalline silicon also called single-crystal silicon in short mono c-Si or mono-Si.

Features of Monochrystalline solar panel

most monochrystalline solar panels have varying features different from conventional polychrystalline solar panels. These features can be cathegorised into the following:

  • Technology; mono solar panels as often reffered to work with different technology from that of poly solar panels. The technology of monochrytalline solar panels makes it to work optimally in extreme conditions.
  • Longitivity; most monochrystalline solar panels has lifesparm of above 30years.
  • Energy per Square Meter; monochrystalline solar panels converts more energy from the sun to electric current. Just as the name sounds, the cells are arrainged in chrystals of mono form giving it more filtered and refined cells. These in return helps in convertions which is the major purpose.
  • Efficiency; Most monochrystalline panels has a conversion ratio of about 0.2 to 0.25 this means that the efficiency varies from 20% to 25%, unlike polychristalline solar panels which efficiency is often 15% to 17%.
  • Goodlooking; due to the well arrainged cells of monochrystalline panels, it gives it a beautiful look compared to polychrystalline panels with scared cells.

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