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Importance of Air Conditioning (AC)

Air Conditioning and importance of air conditioning

The term Air Conditioning has been misunderstood by many. Most Nigerians understand Air Conditioning as cooling the indoor air in our room. But far from that, Air Conditioning wider in scope than mere cooling of the atmosphere.(citation)

What are the functions of air Conditioning and Importance of Air Conditioning (AC)?

The fuctions of Air Conditioning can be categorized into three functions;

  • regulation of temperature which includes heating and cooling of the indoor air,
  • regulation of the relative humidity,
  • filtering of the air

Regulation of indoor temperatures

Most air conditions if not all are designed to raise or lower the indoor temperature of the room. This regulation of temperature could be either heating or cooling.

Regulation of Relative Humidity

Cooling effect can be achieved by various ways. Regulation of relative humidity of an indoor air can either result to increase or decrease of the temperature of the arena. The higher the relative humidity the hotter the atmosphere tends to be and vice versa.

Filtering of the Air

filtration is also part of the functions of Air Conditioner. An Air Conditioner filters the air, sieving out dust together with other waste remnants contained in the air.

The importance of air conditioning (AC) cannot be over emphasized as comfort of living is on the increase demand.

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