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It’s Earth Day! This is the time to talk with friends, parents and grandparents about the type of world we want to create – and how we’re going to get there. Even as young people stay home due to COVID-19, find out how they are taking climate action by following our community for young people, …

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Investing in renewable energy

TheWorld Bank estimates that just over 60% of sub-Saharan Africa’s population is without access to electricity.   Access to reliable and affordable energy is a pre-condition for addressing a broad range of challenges, including access to healthcare, access to education, food security, economic growth and job creation. Renewable energy technologies offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions. …

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Go Solar

The sun shines upon Earth every day, yet no one thinks much of it! As a company dedicated to driving Africa’s growth, our Electrification practice is at the core of our purpose as a business and central to our vision for Africa’s growth and its future prosperity. Electricity form the foundational pillars of growth across …

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Energy is crucial to development of every nation. No country progress without constant electricity. Africa is not an exception and this account for low development in most African nations. It’s true that most of our government are corrupt but corruption is everywhere. Today the world is experiencing global warming, climatic change and other environmental related …