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ASC AFRICA Logo                                                                                         customer service: +234-810-916-3909 +234-905-012-4110 Motto: Illuminating Africa Who We Are The company ASC AFRICA registered with corporate affair commission with the name AFAMEFUNA SOLAR AND AIR CONDITIONER INSTALLATION COMPANY specialized on sales, installations and maintenance/repair of air conditioners, solar, inverters, batteries, street light and other forms of energy related projects. The company …

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Best AC in Nigeria

In places like Nigeria where temperature can be relatively unpredictable, air conditioners have been embraced with wide arms. Right from the moment when window installed air conditioners were the order of the day through to the moment when numerous types flow through the market, it was always sure the concept of air conditioners has come …

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climatic change in Africa

Climate change in Africa From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Africa map of Köppen climate classification. Anthropogenic climate change is already a reality in Africa, as it is elsewhere in the world. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Africa is among the most vulnerable continents to climate change.[1][2] The vulnerability of Africa to climate change is driven by a …

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Sun Power

Solar power – unlimited source of energy! Solar power is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power everything on earth. Advantages of solar power   Renewable Solar panels produce electricity by transforming the continuous flow of energy from the sun to …

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It’s abundantly clear that climate change is already having an impact on human rights. And that this impact will only intensify in coming years.  Millions of people are already suffering from the catastrophic effects of extreme disasters exacerbated by climate change – from prolonged drought in sub-Saharan Africa to devastating tropical storms sweeping across Southeast Asia, …